Saturday, September 13, 2008

Don't litigate over meaningless details

I ordered business cards the other day. I probably spent 1 hour total doing the graphic design for them; fairly basic stuff. Nothing to get hung up on now. What I'm looking for is just something that I can hand someone and it will be something official so that they will take me seriously, and it will be functional so that they know who I am and how to contact me.

I only ordered 250 cards so that if I do get more serious about the design and want to make it more impressive, it's not a big loss. And I'll have to re-order within the next 6 months anyway and if the company has evolved at all that will be reflected in my business cards during the upgrade.

The cards I got aren't even that great, I'm not super impressed with how they look, but they are professional enough. They are NOT printed on Avery paper with perforations and floppy paper, but they are only one step above that.

  1. Would I change them? Yes.
  2. Do I think it is worth it to change them right now? No.
  3. Am I glad I only spent an hour designing them? YES!!
Don't let yourself get hung up on these details, there are more important things to worry about.

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