Saturday, September 13, 2008

Playing Catch-up on the last 3 months...

Since I just got the idea to start the blog I think I should recap some of the key items that I have gotten done over the past few months.

The concept for my company is not new. Like I said, the childhood dream is being an "inventor" so that's where this idea comes from. And seeing my creations come to life, as well as the prospect of independence is the enduring motivation.

Now for the fun details...

My Flagship Product!
My first product I had the idea for while I was taking a break at work and trying to find something to take my mind off the job for a few seconds. So it is a game, and like I said I'm not going to be able to divulge what it actually is until it's actually released and I'm comfortable, but it is a novel 3-D board-game that (I hope) looks absolutely stunning when set up so that it will make a great desktop game, coffee table game, conversation piece, etc... So this product is giving me the motivation to start a company and will be my flagship product that will get most of the attention in the first year.

The Name Game! (I've finally got one!)
The first thing I did was write down lists of abstract words and concepts, (shapes, sounds, colors, etc. that pertain to the product) philosophies that I'd like to retain, my name and my wife's name and all anagrams thereof and anything else that sounds good. Then reading through them a second time gives you a pretty good idea as to whether they are actually good or whether you were just tired and silly when you wrote it.

Don't forget to check if the domain name is available, and also don't forget to check if the trade name is already registered with the state. If you want to trademark, don't forget to check the trademark office either.

The first name I came up with was a short one-syllable anagram of mine and my wife's initials followed by the word "design". I purchased the webspace (it had a "-" in it... oops..) and I sent in my trade name request to the state. ($50)

send the trade name request (and get it approved) FIRST! Or do your research on whether or not it is available.

Needless to say, after creating a simple logo in Photoshop (on which I probably spent no more than 1.5 hours), implementing the logo onto the product packaging, starting a bank account in the new business name, and purchasing the domain name, I got the trade name request back and it was denied! There was a company with a similar name and apparently even if the name is slightly different and the function of the company is different, they can still deny you the name.

So the second time around I did a little more research, didn't find any similar names, sent in the trade name request and got it approved!

I found that the Citizen's Bank at Stop & Shop is open late so I can go there to change the name at 6pm when I get home from work.

I'll have to keep playing catch up in a later post. And at some point these posts will get much shorter so that I can give you a briefer update (so you don't have to read as much) and still get some work done.

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