Saturday, September 13, 2008

Enter: The Chicken Entrepreneur

A "Chicken Entrepreneur" is a term I recently came upon that describes my current endeavor. This is a person who would like to start working for themselves, but is just a little too chicken to quit their job and take the leap into uncertainty. I'd like to start this blog as a detailed account of my entrepreneurial attempt to create my own company during the wee hours of the night and in any spare moment I can snatch up.

I'm a 27-year old mechanical engineer with a wife and probably a young one within the not-so-distant future. So I will be juggling, for your entertainment and education:
  1. Family life
  2. Romance
  3. Finding a house to settle down in
  4. Eating, so I don't perish
  5. A full-time job (a one-hour commute from my apartment)
  6. And everything that goes along with starting a business
  7. Oh yeah... and writing a blog.
FIRST TIP for the chicken entrepreneur:
These are precious moments that I could be getting work done, but I'm going to try it so that I can document my progress and also attempt to give YOU a first hand account of what really goes on, and some tips from things I've learned along the way (usually the hard way).

My company and products will go nameless until I've reached a comfort level that I'm not yet at, but they relate to and support my childhood dream of being an inventor. As an engineer I'm pretty close to fulfilling that dream, but there's something lacking, some degree of independence that I don't have and will never have working for someone else. I work on consumer, medical, and military products for a small design firm in Massachusetts. But the projects are inherently not my own and that's what I'm looking to gain. That, and the financial and temporal independence that everyone wants these days, at least us "Millennials" that can't stay put for more than a few years and incessantly strive to improve our lives any way we can. Which means that no matter what, we always ask for and expect just a LITTLE bit more than we have.

So stay tuned and hopefully we'll all learn something through this!

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